Why I Joined and Why I stayed 


By Katie Wear

11 June 2016


I joined for the same reason you will. I stayed for reasons far beyond my expectations.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I joined CSC’s Fit Females for the same reasons you will.

I wanted to lose weight. 

I wanted to look better.

And I wanted to feel better about how I looked. 

I heard how good the staff and training are (and it’s true).

And, like you, I was a little anxious. Yeah, excited to get started, but a little anxious.

I knew the training was going to be a change for me. It was going to be challenging.

I was going to have to put myself in an unfamiliar space – putting someone else in charge, executing new movements. I felt vulnerable, but my quest for a leaner body outweighed 😉 my discomfort, so I jumped in.


Fit Females was incredible. High energy. Fat loss targeted training. Me time. It was rocking. Suddenly exercise wasn’t a chore, I wanted to go workout. 

The coaches at CSC gave me the proper direction on training and nutrition. I no longer had to spend time worrying about what exercises to do, what foods to eat. 

I got leaner. I got stronger. I felt way better.

I was getting what I thought I wanted. 

Then something unexpected happened. And this is why I stayed.

My fellow women trainees and I became fast friends.

We looked forward to our training times not just for the great workout, the endorphins, the good sweat, but for more.

I was genuinely happy to see them. We had developed a connection. 

We supported each other. If I didn’t show up to class, not only was the trainer contacting me to check in, my fellow trainees were texting me to make sure all was well, wanting to know why I missed my favorite day (the one focusing on booty and hamstrings). 

I had developed relationships with these women. They were there to constantly lift me up, to push me, to help me. And I found myself doing the same for them. 

Somebody missed class? I texted them.

Had trouble making a healthy dinner? I shared a recipe.

Just having a bad day? I sympathized, applauded them showing up to train, and reminded them they’d be doing better by the end of the workout. By the end, they were. 

My connection with these women went beyond the training sessions. 

I started spending time with them on the weekend. Their support, this network we had created, and the food prep parties made progress inevitable. CSC had created this environment where women are set up for success. I was sincerely grateful to have this opportunity come into my life.

And I continue to stay at CSC’s Fit Females.

The training is a joy by its own right. And it radiates throughout the rest of my day. Pushing hard in the gym with my fellow fit females sets the stage for a positive mindset and choices long after the session is done. The training is both a challenge and victory. It helps me better handle the other obstacles and obligations that will inevitably arise during my week. 

I initially came to CSC for their expertise in creating great bodies. I stay for the intangibles that keep me happy, focused and accountable – the community, the support, the lasting bonds with with my now close friends.

I hope to see you at the gym.