Who We Are (& Who We're Not)


By Scott Schutte

27 November 2017

A lot of people have misconceptions about what we do here at Columbia Strength and Conditioning.

We are a set of full time professional trainers who chose our career to help others achieve their goals. 

We are not a single training facility that just does crossfit, powerlifting, sports performance or yoga, although we have coaches that can help you grow in every one of those aspects. 


The majority of our clients are looking to lose some weight, feel better, get healthier, get stronger, and improve flexibility. Depending on the main focus and ability of the client there are many different aspects we can take. For starters our lifestyle coaching is designed to look at sleep, nutrition, water intake, stress, energy, digestion, activity level, unhealthy habits, and many many more aspects. Taking care of lifestyle will greatly improve weight loss, how you’re feeling, and how you feel. Once we get you on the gym floor which can be either in with a small group of females or 1 on 1 with one of our coaches. We take a more holistic approach to fitness looking at your ability, goals, needs, and wants. Depending on where you are at in your fitness journey will greatly dictate the type of training that you get. 


We are diverse in our knowledge and backgrounds. Having a team of 10 trainers with varied background and personalities gives us the flexibility to match up different needs with matching skill sets to meet those needs. This gives us the advantage of giving experience in a wide arena of dealing with injuries, heath concerns, and many other specific variables you might have.


To be clear, there is nothing wrong with doing crossfit, powerlifting, sports performance, yoga or many many other types of training, as long as you have a good coach and the path is aligned with your goals. Too many people are looking to do what they already know, what they are good at, the new thing, or what their friends are doing. Find a training routine that is sustainable long term, aligns with your goals, and is something you look forward to doing. If you can accomplish that you will be lean, healthy and happy.