What's the Deal with Kombucha?

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From health gurus to Pinterest posts, Kombucha has been taking the internet by storm. We know it’s popular amongst Fitstagrammers, but what exactly is it and what are the benefits of this fantastic fizzy drink?

What is Kombucha?

    Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink made from bacteria, yeast, sugar, and black or green tea. At this point, you may be thinking “A drink made with bacteria? No thanks.” I thought the same thing, however, this bubbly beverage is surprisingly tasty and at 40 calories a glass provides a great alternative to soda or beer.

What Does it do For You?

    Kombucha is rich in probiotics, containing about a billion per beverage. Probiotics can restore your gut’s natural bacteria, aiding in digestion and weight loss. Additionally, since Kombucha is made from black or green tea, it is rich in antioxidants that may help protect your body from free radicals.

Want to Give it a Try?
I’ll be honest. The first time I tried Kombucha, I hated it, but that’s because I wasn’t drinking the right stuff. Tea-Biotics brews handcrafted Kombucha in Kansas City that is fizzy, sweet and doesn’t taste like vinegar. Stop by the CSC Café to learn more about Kombucha’s many benefits and try one of our four Tea-Biotics kombuchas on tap.