Staying Social WHile Staying in shape



Do you find yourself eating healthy throughout the week but become more relaxed with your nutrition come the weekend? Having fun and spending time with friends is an important component of your overall health and happiness, but alcoholic beverages and high-calorie meals can wreak havoc on your fitness goals. Here are our three tips for staying social while staying in shape!

Invite Friends Over

Restaurant meals have a reputation of being calorie dense. Even “healthy” options tend to be higher calorie than if you cooked at home. Rather than meeting your friends at the bar, invite everyone over for a nice home cooked meal or a backyard BBQ. You’ll save money and calories while still getting to enjoy the company and conversation with your friends!

Drink Smart

      We all know that hitting the town for drinks isn’t going to help our fitness goals, but if you drink smart it doesn’t have to hurt them. Rather than indulging on a Margarita (most ranging anywhere from 500-1,00 calories) order a vodka and seltzer water. For additional flavor add a hint of lime or a Nuun tablet to your drink.

Additionally, you can reduce your overall alcohol intake by sipping on water between drinks.

Save Some For Leftovers

            Restaurant portions are often double the recommended serving, but we’ve been conditioned since the time we were children to clean our plates. When it comes to eating out you’ll save calories and spread the tasty meal further if you save half for lunch the next day. By doing this you can still enjoy dinner out with your friends without overindulging. 



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