Personal Training


End the intimidation

Walking into a brand-new gym can be intimidating. Our clients will tell you, getting in the door is the hardest part. Once you’re here, you are part of a team—a team that wants you to achieve your goals and reach your potential.

For our trainers, this is a career. This isn’t a college job or a side project. We are fitness professionals who understand the human body, and know how to manipulate every exercise to ensure you get the most from your workout. Using individualized, goal-oriented training, Columbia Strength and Conditioning can help you reach your fitness potential.

"We are exculzively small group and personal training. So we don't have any open gym hours and you don't have to worry about someone coming in and taking up all the equipment or being really obnoxious. Everyone here is working with a trainer and are really supportive."-Josh H.