CSC | Marie Brown | Columbia, MO

Marie Brown

Operations Manager


Marie-Josee comes with a cumulative 20 years in management, business development and market analysis. Her leadership roles have assisted fast-paced business expansion in Montreal and Toronto until she moved to Columbia, Missouri 16 years ago.

While establishing her family in Columbia, she became an entrepreneur in the Art District, developing a network of clients, collectors and businesses. She has recently co-founded a productive group who meets with diverse stakeholders working to implement a water treatment process that improves water quality for the community.

Health, exercise and nutrition have always been a life interest, but it took on a new meaning for Marie in the past 5 years. Due to her family’s experiences with hypothyroidism, diabetes, heart disease, severe allergies, asthma, and chronic migraines, she developed a wider passion for health, nutrition and fitness. From her extensive research and personal investment, she helped her family make the necessary changes to ultimately dissipate the symptoms and conditions her family was challenged with.

She is looking forward to investing her professional expertise and continuing her education while contributing to a culture passionate about helping people feel better, happy and healthy.

For Marie, it’s personal.