Making Fitness Fun


            Fitness is supposed to help facilitate a happier and healthier lifestyle. However, we’ve all heard people say “I hate working out.” Do you hate working out or is it just that you haven’t found an activity you enjoy doing? Humans weren’t designed to sit at a desk or on a couch all day. We need daily movement to maintain a strong, fit body. At CSC, we know that strength training is important for a lean, healthy body, but we also want you to be HAPPY. That means finding activities outside of the gym you enjoy doing and that you look forward to incorporating into your life.

You won’t be able to achieve your fitness goals with two thirty-minute workout classes a week, but you will be able to see results if you take the strength you gain in the gym and apply it to hobbies you love. Fitness shouldn’t feel forced. The key is discovering which activities complement your lifestyle and passions. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking or playing with the kids, get outside and engage in a physical activity that inspires you! Better yet, do the activities you love with the people you love. 

Need a few fun ideas? Here’s a few of our favorite physical activities to do around Columbia!

Bounce Around at Sky Zone

For some quality time with the kids, spend the afternoon at Sky Zone! Whether your jumping on the trampolines or testing your skills on the warrior course, Sky Zone gives parents and kids a fun excuse to bounce around and burn some calories!

Volunteer to walk the Mizzou Veterinary Clinic Blood Donor Dogs

For animal lovers, spending time with dogs is a great excuse to get outside and get active. The Mizzou Veterinary Health Center looks for volunteers to help them walk their blood donor dogs and give them a little TLC. Unfortunately, sometimes our pets get sick or hurt. That’s why the VHC keeps a blood bank immediately on hand for when our furry friends need it. The pups that donate to this program are very loved and cared for, but trying to walk all those Greyhounds can be a handful, literally. If you're interested in getting involved, call Matt Haight at 573-882-7821.

Kayak at Finger Lakes

If you feel like a fish out of water on one of Columbia’s landlocked trails you should give kayaking at Finger Lakes a try! Finger Lakes is home to the Finger Lakes Water Trail that provides kayakers and canoers with 4.5 miles of winding adventure.