As human beings, we are more than our bodies, minds and environments alone. Our uniqueness comes from the combination of all three. Unfortunately, our society tends to view fitness as one-dimensional and solely physical.

Your strength and conditioning, your flexibility and dieting — they’re all powerful tools, but they're only part of the equation. Ever wonder why there are more obesity-related health issues than ever before, despite the multi-billion-dollar industry and diet industry?


Many would agree fitness is a hard world to navigate: Its world is flooded with nutrition and fitness advice, with extremes such as massive calorie reduction, highly restricted food intake, unrealistic training demands, or programs that urge you to break from your family and friends so you can devote your days to workouts and nutrition.

Our lifestyle coaching program follows the Redefit model: An approach to fitness that takes into consideration everything that affects one’s health and fitness goals - in and outside of the gym. These angles include strength, endurance, flexibility, nutrition, health, mindset, happiness, relationships, stress management and “giving fit back.”

Seems pretty comprehensive? Exactly, let’s explore this more.

  1. Stamina - If you are strong and flexible but can’t tolerate much movement, you’ll be limited in what you can do. With stamina, we’re not referring to exercise as a way to burn calories. We’re referring to being able to do things like keep up with your kids, engage in social-athletic events and allow you to enjoy activities such as a long hike.

  2. Flexibility - It’s impossible to be strong with no range of motion to move through. Being flexible gives you the opportunity to be strong through a full range of motion and helps prevent injuries. Flexibility can also span beyond the physical side to help us handle new routines better.

  3. Strength - Strength and power are the base for everything. Strength supports being healthy, promoting better metabolism and mobility and reducing risk of injury.

  4. Mindset - This is a foundational piece of the process . Our self-esteem, self-worth and desire to keep working toward out fitness goals are based on our mindset. The right mindset can make the journey enjoyable and make the impossible seem possible.

  5. Relationships - It’s important to have relationships that push you toward your fitness goals rather than turn you away. Nurturing the right relationships and creating new ones on your fitness journey makes your experience easier and more enjoyable.

  6. Health - If we injure ourselves by overtraining, fail to fuel ourselves properly with quality food or are mentally weakened by comparing ourselves to others on social media, we are not setting the stage for optimal health.

  7. Stress Management - Think of stress as burning up fuel you need for your journey: The more you can control it, the more fuel you’ll have to work out, make the right choices and resist temptation.

  8. Nutrition - We will cut through the confusion and give you actionable guidelines so you can derive the most benefit from the least amount of work.

  9. Happiness - It’s rare for someone to identify happiness as one of their fitness goals, but we would argue it’s the root of all goals. We want to get fit to boost our confidence, become stronger to maintain our active lifestyle and have enough energy to accomplish our goals. This will help us achieve greater happiness in our lives.

  10. Giving Fit Back - By going on this journey, you will be giving fit back by setting an example and being an inspiration to those around you. That’s the most exciting part.

To be at your healthiest, it’s not just training. To become your leanest, healthiest and happiest self, you can't just focus on what happens in the gym. You need to look at all aspects of our well-being- that is true fitness.

Fitness isn’t defined by just one gym visit. It’s personal, social and enjoyable. Through our lifestyle coaching we address the whole you, today and for the future.

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