Fitness can often be seen as very one-dimensional and solely physical. Our program attacks fitness from ten critical angles: strength, endurance, flexibility, nutrition, health, mindset, happiness, relationships, stress management and “giving fit back.” If you noticed that half of those areas have little to do with physical prowess, you’re starting to catch on. Your strength and conditioning, your flexibility and dieting — they’re all powerful tools, but they're only part of the equation. Your mindset and mental wellness are equally as important. We seek to give you the full equation to ensure your success.

Lifestyle Coaching

To become your leanest, healthiest and happiest self, you can't just focus on what happens in the gym. You need to look at all aspects of fitness.

It’s important to understand the most effective definition of “fitness” is a wholistic one. Fitness can be defined by more than just a gym visit — fitness can be social, enjoyable, and personal.

CSC's Lifestyle Coaching Program focuses on all of the aspects that affect your health and helps you overcome the obstacles keeping you from your fitness goals.