Healthy Recipe Swaps


by Melissa Reams

20 November 2017


Minimizing calories and having healthier alternatives is the goal for many of us when preparing our favorite dishes.  We don’t want to sacrifice flavor and feel as if our only option is to eat drab and tasteless “health foods”.  But, with just a few swaps of ingredients we can take our favorite guilty pleasures to a more balanced and nutritious choice.


Swap the mayo for mashed avocado.

Where this fits:  Sandwiches, BLT’s, Burgers, Dips

Swap the cow’s milk for unsweetened almond or coconut milk.  

Where this fits:  Any recipe calling for milk.  Shakes.  Creamer.

Swap the vegetable oil for applesauce or coconut oil.

Where this fits:  Any boxed bread, muffin, brownie recipe calling for oil.  

Swap the sugar for pure vanilla extract.

Where this fits:  A quality vanilla extract can be substituted for many of your sweet treats instead of sugar!  Cutting back on calories and not jeopardizing taste.  Coffees, brownies, hot chocolate, pancakes, muffins, sweet breads and pies.

Swap the cheese for nutritional yeast.

Where this fits:  Nutritional cheese flakes have a nutty, cheese like flavor that can be used on everything from potatoes to roasted vegetables.  At only 45 calories per ¼ cup they are worth a try!


Try some of these great swaps to take control over some of those favorite dishes and turn them into a dish you can be proud of both in taste and as a healthier choice!