From exercise to everyday life, physical activity can leave you sore and tight. Alleviate tension and stress in our all levels flexibility class! Our class is an active flexibility class designed to provide you a workout while also increasing your mobility.  You will work with a coach through this guided workout to deepen your range of motion and increase your flexibility! 

"It’s not what you think of when you hear “flexibility”! You will work up a sweat and push your body to its own full range of motion! It’s a challenge to see what your body is capable of and you’ll feel refreshed and energized afterwards!"

-Rebecca Yager

"The Saturday Flexibility class is a staple in my work out routine. I have weight trained and practiced yoga for years but always struggled with flexibility. This class not only resets my body after a long week, but I have seen significant improvement in my all my workouts as a result."

-Janine Stichter, Ph.D.


 8:45am Saturdays ($15)