Core & Conditioning


CSC's Core and Conditioning is a hybrid class that combines core work with cardio intervals for optimal calorie burn. Work with a coach through this guided workout to scorch fat and build your core! 

From athletes to busy moms, a strong core is essential for healthy movement throughout your daily life. Reduce back pain, improve posture and boost athletic performance in our Saturday Core & Conditioning Class!

"The core and conditioning is heart pounding exhilarating class that isn’t just body conditioning, it’s also a mental conditioning class. It is an individualized workout with the benefit of encouragement from a community. No matter the conditioning level, this is just the class you need to get on track or stay on track."

-TJ Sweet

"Core & Conditioning is one of my favorite classes! Cardio training was always boring to me, so I struggled to stick with it. CSC has the class structured so it's always different, challenging, and fun. I always look forward to Saturday mornings with the group!"

-Elana Wilson


 8am Saturdays ($15)