fit females

Become a part of a dedicated community of women. The Fit Females class features advanced strength training along with  individualized nutrition. 

fit over fifty

Join a class designed uniquely for women over the age of 50. Fit Over 50 is appropriate for all fitness levels and will allow you to regain your confidence. 


Learn the fundamentals of strength training and nutrition. The beginner level Kickstart class is perfect for women who are just starting out their fitness journey.


From exercise to everyday life, physical activity can leave you sore and tight. Alleviate tension and stress in our all levels flexibility class! Our class is an active flexibility class designed to provide you a workout while also increasing your mobility.

Core & Conditioning

CSC's Core and Conditioning is a hybrid class that combines core work with cardio intervals for optimal calorie burn. Work with a coach through this guided workout to scorch fat and build your core! 

CSC Fit Kids

At CSC we want to contribute to the growth and development of our community's kids. That's why we've created a CSC Fit Kids Class! Fit Kids focuses on correct exercise form while also showing kids how fitness can be a fun addition to their lives!